To Sladja , Native Camp Teacher


I can’t reply for your message on Native Camp, and I really want to say thank you. so I decided to write my message to you on this website.

Thank you for your enjoyable lesson!! I really like your lesson because I could feel your cheerful and splendid person. And you also gave me your advice about my traveling in Europe. I want to make the most of what I learned in your lesson.

And Don’t worry, I understand that your joke is joke!

Although I read your message, I don’t have any confidence about myself and my English skill. This is my honest opinion, but I always try to be.

Fortunately, The teachers on Native Camp have made my English improve. I will keep it up!

I don’t like booking lesson, because I want to talk with a lot of teachers. However, I really want to join your lesson again. If I find you, I will jump into your lesson.

Thank you, Shin.

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