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・Għaġin bebbux mimli bill-Barbuljata u Bejken:€7.95
(メニューの内容:Pasta with ‘Barbuljata’ Large pasta shells filled with tomato, bacon and onion scramble, extra virgin olive oil and Gozo Pekorin cheese shavings)

・Pulpetti tal-fenek fil-Hopleaf:€10.50
(メニューの内容:Rabbit patties simmered in Hopleaf Seasoned rabbit mince with garlic, lemon zest, pine nuts and mixed spice, shallow fried with sliced onions, marrow fat peas and pale ale beer)

・Antipasto mħawwar la Maltija:€18.50
(メニューの内容:A mixed platter of Maltese delicacies to share for 2 Grilled sausage, fresh Ġbejna, frejjeg tat-tarja, fried ravioli,  mini ricotta & pea pies, grilled vegetables, sundried tomatoes & pickled onions, complimented with tomato paste & crusty bread)

Main Courses

・Braġjoli taċ-Ċanga – Braised Beef Olives:€17.50
(メニューの内容:Rolled thin beef slices, filled with a blend of seasoned beef and pork mince, Slow cooked in a rich red wine & tomato sauce)

・Fenek – The famous Maltese Rabbit
(メニューの内容:Rabbit is cooked in various ways all over the Island. We did not limit ourselves to one specific recipe. Please refer to the specialties board to thier daily Rabbit dish)

・Toqlija tal-Qarnit u Klamari – Octopus and Squid:€17.50

(メニューの内容:Quick fried in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and olives, simmered in white wine, orange zest and fresh herb)

・Tris di funghi:€10.75

(メニューの内容:Trio of mushrooms; Crispy mushroom cigars with truffle oil, stuffed deep fried Mushroom with gorgonzola cheese and mushroom-hazelnut and oats crumble)

・Parmiggiana bianca con funghi fritti:€8.50

(メニューの内容:Fried zucchine, layered with garlic infused cream, mozzarella, Oregano and pine nuts, served with a breaded deep fried mushrooms)

・Bresaola, pomodoro e Bufala:€10.75

(メニューの内容:Wafer thin sliced Bresaola, tomato salad and fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, rocket leaves, 10 year old balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil)


(メニューの内容:Grilled served drizzled with rosemary, garlic & chilli infused oil or Lightly dusted with seasoned flour & deep fried, served with tartar sauce)

・Insalata mista fantasia:€7.50

(メニューの内容:Tossed seasonal salad leaves in house vinaigrette, complimented with tomato wedges, cucumber shavings, avocadoes, bell peppers, toasted seeds & nuts)

・La zuppa del giorno:€8.50

(メニューの内容:Soups are prepared fresh daily. Vegetable, fish or meat based subject to market’s availability. Please refer to the specialties board for the soup of the day)

Antipasti – Beef
・Suprema di pollo al cartoccio:€16.50

(メニューの内容:Chicken breast, baked in a paper bag with potatoes, onions, garlic, Maltese sausage and fresh herbs)

・Petto d’anatra con fichi e mandorle:€16.50

(メニューの内容:Pan seared duck breast, flamed with carob liquor, figs, almonds & a hint of orange)

・Vitello ai funghi:€18.50

(メニューの内容:Milk fed veal steak, sliced and served on creamed mushrooms Truffle infused oil and balsamic pearls)

・Carre’ di agnello con profumi dal Mediterranio:€19.50

(メニューの内容:Lamb rack slightly brushed with Harrisa, rolled in a cumin and garlic crust served with lemon infused jus and a Greek salad)

Antipasti – Fish
・Arrosto di Salmone con prosciutto croccante:€18.50

(メニューの内容:Salmon fillet, wrapped in Parma ham and orange zest, baked until crispy, served on braised zucchini with garlic, white wine and cherry tomatoes)

・Branzino alla Mamma:€18.50

(メニューの内容:Mum’s favourite pan seared sea bass fillets, with lemon, orange, cherry tomatoes, capers, rosemary and white wine)

・Delizie di mare in padella:€22.50

(メニューの内容:A seafood platter consisting of mussels, scallops and razor clams, soft shell crab, deep fried calamari and red prawns served with sweet potato chips)

Pasta e Risotti

・Spaghetti alle vongole con finocchio e rucola:(Small)€9.95、(Main)€11.95
(メニューの内容:Spaghetti tossed with fresh clams, braised fennel, garlic, Chilli, soft herbs and rocket leaves)

・Linguine ai frutti di mare:(Small)€11.95、(Main)€13.95

(メニューの内容:A classic pasta dish with calamari, prawns and shell fish, cooked in extra virgin olive oil with fresh cut tomatoes, pepperoncino and white wine)

・Pappardelle con fegato di coniglio e funghi misti:(Small)€10.50、(Main)€12.50
(メニューの内容:Fresh pasta ribbons with rabbit liver, aceto balsamico, mixed mushrooms, pine nuts and Grana shavings)

・Cicchette di patate con pesto nostrano:(Small)€8.50、(Main)€10.50
(メニューの内容:Potato Gnocchi tossed with home-made 3 nut pesto, julienne of spicy salami, sundried tomatoes and a touch of cream)

・Garganelli con zucca e salsiccia maltese:(Small)€8.50、(Main)€10.50

(メニューの内容:Fresh pasta tubes, served with stewed pumpkin and Maltese sausage with a touch of tomato sauce and finished with toasted galletti crumbs)

・Ravioli Gozitani:(Small)€8.50、(Main)€12.50
(メニューの内容:Artisanal ravioli prepared in our sister island Gozo, with sheep’s cheese and a garlic scented tomato sauce with basil and parsley)

・Panciotti gamberi e cappe sante:(Small)€12.50、(Main)€14.50
(メニューの内容:Giant ravioli filled with a prawn & scallop meat, served in a creamy prawn bisque)

・Risotto aquarello allo zafferano e mozzarella croccante:(Small)€8.75、(Main)€10.75
(メニューの内容:Saffron Risotto, finished with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, chilli and grana cheese, garnished with tomato salsa and crisp fried polenta rolled mozzarella balls)

From the Grill

・Angus Gold Sirloin:(300g)€20.50、(400g)€26.50
(メニューの内容:Selected premium Scottish Angus beef, Farmed for at least 4 months in Italy. Creating a perfect blend of the traditional Angus beef and the passion of great Italian cattle farming which contributes to its extraordinary flavour)

・Prime steer New Zealand Fillet – 300g:€23.50
(メニューの内容:Grilled to your liking served with asparagus and garlic butter)

・Surf & Turf:€26.50
(メニューの内容:Grilled beef fillet medallions garnished with red prawns and scallop meat, served with prawn bisque)

・Posh Burger:€17.50
(メニューの内容:Freshly ground steak, seasoned and grilled a la minute, served with focaccia bread, buffalo mozzarella, crispy pancetta, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion marmalade, salad leaves and truffled potato fries)

・Choice of side sauces:(Extra Side Salad)€1.75、(Extra Side Fries)€1.75
(メニューの内容:All mains are served with a side of fresh vegetables and baked potatoes, extra side sauces, Beef jus, Mushrooms or Pepper)

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ランチ:12:00 – 15:00、ディナー:18:30 – 22:00


+356 9945 8356


107 Archbishop Street, Valletta, Island of Malta, Malta

107 Archbishop Street, Valletta, Island of Malta, Malta