(English Introduction)

Hi, my name is Shin!!I have worked in a life insurance company in my 20’s.But I decided to change my job, learn English and get skills about website, and then, I started to work in the small advertisement company. But now, I am working as a free-lance, writing articles, creating website, and so on.

My dream was to travel around Europe and study abroad, so I went to Malta to study English.This experience was very amazing because I could get to know a lot of friends who are from all over the world. After coming back to Japan, I enjoy having conversations with them through some SNS.

I appreciate that I am living in this time period. All of us can contact with people who we have met once because of developing technologies.

I am going to write articles related to “learning English” and “All over the World” in Japanese, and I am also going to write some articles or take videos about “traveling” in English and Japanese.

I hope you enjoy this website, thank you.

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