Cherry Blossom “Sakura” is very beautifl but I hate Spring

Cherry Blossom “Sakura” is very beautifl but I hate Spring

When it comes to Spring season in Japan, Cherry blossom would be most famous for foreigner. You might know that we call cherry blossom “Sakura”. Most of japanese people enjoy watching it, and we have special party under Sakura. But I hate this season.


This is an article about introducing Japan around my hometown. And This is my challenge to write English article as well. If you find mistakes, please let me know by writing your comments under “コメント”.


“Sakura” is really beautiful

Several years ago, If you were a new employee in japanese company, your first job might be to occupy space for watching Sakura. And it must be good space to enjoy watching Sakura.

Because many people come to the park which has a lot of Sakura, they have to make sure of occupying their space.

Fortunately, I haven’t done such a job.

When I worked in the life insurance company as a sales representative, I participated in “Ohanami”(it means the party under Sakura).

One of my agents that I was in charge of invited me to their party, I enjoyed it with them.They drunk a lot of alcohol, of course it’s including “Sake (Japanese alcohol)”, This was the first time I spent under Sakura in Tokyo.

My boss has told me that I had to buy something as a gift, I consulted with him and decide to buy a little bit expensive Sake. So, if you were invited to the party or ceremony which is concerned about your business, you had better to buy something as your complement.

I like drinking alcohol, especially I like drinking beer under Sakura. But I like taking a walk through the way around Sakura trees more than having party under it.

Then, I went to the park that most of foreigner don’t know and I took pictures as well.

I took These picture in Sumaura Park. You can hike on mountain after riding on the cableway from this park. This park is located near the beach. And you can also go to the sea fishing park if you pay for entrance fee. When local people want to fish big size, they come there, but most of people enjoy fishing another place for free.

sumaura park

The reason why I don’t like Spring

Spring is the season when it gets warm and everyone can enjoy watching Sakura. Further more, Spring is the period of beginning because All of school and most of company begin on April.

I know that most of Western school begin on September, but  Japanese one doesn’t.

Everyone in Japan is exited to their new life and they make new friends. Someone might change his or her life totally, and others also might get to know the parson who is their boyfriend and girlfriend in the future.

I am exited to new life but I hate this season “Spring”.

I always suffer from terrible hey fever on Spring. My body have fever and feel dizzy. I cannot stop sneezing. It seems like I get terrible cold. If I take a medicine, symptoms are reduced, but I get sleepy all day.

I have to choice of taking medicine or not. I make a decision case by case.

There are a lot of ceder pollen and cypress pollen in the air on Spring. I heard that these pollen are not harmful things themselves. But, these pollen are mixed with some chemical material and human absorb them into their body with breathing, the symptoms appears on human body.

It is possible for most people to get hey fever when they grow up. We don’t know when hey fever appear in our body. So, we sometimes talk about when our fever come from.

I guess that more than 30% people who live in cities get hey fever. As I am concerned, I feel like getting the worst of it. I noticed that I got symptoms when I was 11 years old. The older I get, The worse my symptoms are.

That’s why I hate Spring season. If possible, I would like to escape from Japan in this season.

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