Not Only Hayao Miyazaki to Creat Ghibli Movies

Not Only Hayao Miyazaki to Creat Ghibli Movies

I went to “Studio Ghibli Exhibition”. I could see a lot of drafts and notes to create Ghibli animations.  The visitor is not allowed to take a picture except for in front of “CatBus” and the model airship of Castle in the sky.

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka in Tokyo, is the famous place for the Studio Ghibli fans. it is a little bit far from my town. But, this exhibition took place in Kobe city where I live, so I can go there.

Catbus Exhibition

Japanese people like talking about Ghibli works

If you study Japanese and Japanese culture, you may know that we often talk about the weather. When you have small talk with Japanese, Animation made by Stadio Ghibli will help you.

We often talk about Ghibli Animation in case of first meeting like having single party or group party. I mean that these party will hold in order to get to know the parson of opposite sex. We call it “Goukon”. Someone wants to have boyfriend or girlfriend, and the others, especially male guys, might want to have one night relationship.

Getting back on track, you shouldn’t talk about Ghibli in business situation. But when you make Japanese friends, you had better having conversation about it. I have never seen people who don’t like it.

Not only Hayao Miyazaki

Needless to say, It is true that Hayao Miyazaki is a great genius anime director as well as creator. I think he have been affected by European old story like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Aesop’s Fables, works of Hans Christian Anderson, and Greek mythology.

In fact, the story of “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” is based on “The Little Mermaid” which is one of works of Hans Christian Anderson.

Some people think that all of Ghibli Movies’ director is Hayao Miyazaki, but some of their movies  were directed by Isao Takahata, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Goro Miyazaki, and so on.

However, When we talk about Ghibli works, we cannot help but thinking and talking about Joe Hisaishi. He has made a lot of music of Ghibli movies.

Joe Hisaishi’s music remind us movie

What makes the audience touched? It might be some beautiful pictures, characters, and stories. All of them need to make us impressive, but in my opinion, the music is the most important on the movie.

Once I heard the Ghibli music, I would remember of the feelings of the moment at which I watched the movie. Great movie has always been with great music.

Joe Hisaishi is a great musician. He has composed a lot of beautiful music on Ghibli’s moveis as well as Takeshi Kitano’s one.

When I watch and listen to his music on Youtube, Someone posted comments that he should be the music director next Olympic in Tokyo. I really agree with this opinion.

I like “Castle in the sky” the best of all Ghibli movies. I think that his music makes the movie so impressive. If his music were not used in this movie, my most favorite Ghibli movie might be another one.

He has performed his Ghibli music as a conductor in Tokyo and Paris. His music exceed music. It’s art of sounds. I really want to go listen to his music someday.


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